Bathsheba Beach Barbados Review

Bathsheba Beach is a breathtaking beach on the east coast of Barbados. Renowned for its natural beauty, it’s more secluded and unspoiled compared to the West Coast beaches.

Bathsheba Beach with Lucy & Margo collecting shells

About Bathsheba Beach

The drive towards Bathsheba Beach is an adventure, with winding roads and panoramic views.

Unlike the bustling beaches of the West Coast, Bathsheba is very quiet and does not have many resorts overlooking it. The beach’s rugged terrain and natural rock formations are beautiful. You can wander along the shoreline finding hidden coves and pools, or soak up the sun on the soft sands.

Surfers and water sports enthusiasts flock to Bathsheba Beach to take advantage of the swells and challenging breaks.

Amenities at Bathsheba Beach are limited compared to more developed areas of Barbados, you need to bring your own refreshments and essentials

Lucy & Margo Walking down the steps at Bathsheba beach

Our trips to Bathsheba Beach

Having visited Bathsheba Beach a few times, we head there for the scenery and to get away from the busy west coast. The drive from our holetown villa is a nice and picturesque drive through the heart of Barbados. There’s a scenic route that winds its way through the island all the way to the eastern coast, you will drive past two other attractions that are worth a look: Huntes Gardens and The Flower Forest.

Parking options are limited, we’ve found a convenient spot near the Round House, where we park and get a coffee before hitting Bathsheba beach.

You can also park below the roundhouse directly next to the beach. However, we’ve learned from experience that driving back up the steep hill can be a challenge in the rain. On one occasion, with seven people packed into the car, we only just made it with the entire car screaming in terror!!

Despite the occasional logistical hurdles, Bathsheba Beach never fails to win us over with its rugged charm and scenery. The water is too rough for us to swim in, but Teddy and Margo love exploring the shoreline and climbing up the huge rocks.

Teddy Ellmore on a huge rock on Bathsheba beach

Getting to Bathsheba Beach from the West Coast

Bathsheba Beach is on Barbados’ eastern coast, getting there from the west coast is a journey worth making.

1. Car Rental: One of the best ways to reach Bathsheba Beach from the West Coast is by renting a car. From Holetown it takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.

2. Taxi or Private Transfer: Taxi and private transfers are an easy option for reaching Bathsheba Beach (you can find our taxi drivers’ details in the property manual). Arrange for a taxi or private driver to pick you up from your accommodation on the west coast and transport you directly to the beach.

3. Public Transport: It is still possible to reach Bathsheba Beach via bus. From the west coast, you can take a bus to Bridgetown and then transfer to a bus heading towards Bathsheba on the eastern coast.

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john, Lucy, Teddy & Margo at hunts gardenss
Lucy Bridge

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