Chattel Village in Holetown, Barbados

Chattel Village is a colorful and vibrant shopping area full of Chattel houses. Chattel houses were originally small, wooden structures that were designed to be easily dismantled and moved from place to place. This was crucial in the past for workers who may not have owned the land they lived on; the houses could be relocated if their tenancy was revoked or if they chose to move . The term ‘chattel’ itself refers to movable personal property, which is precisely what these homes were designed to be.

Today, while few remain as residential properties, the architectural style and design have been preserved and transformed into a vibrant commercial application at Chattel Village in Holetown. Here, the quaint, brightly painted houses are now permanent fixtures, housing a variety of shops and restaurants.

Lucy Bridge Walking Through Chattel Village, Barbados

What Shops are in Chattel Village?

Chattel Village is right next door to Massy and just over the road from the Sunset Crest Beach Club. It’s a hub of activity and color, featuring a variety of specialty shops:

  • The Best of Barbados Gift Shop, you can find local crafts and souvenirs that you can take home to remember your trip.
  • The Gourmet Shop offers a selection of fine foods and spices.
  • Ganzee T-Shirt Shop provides fun clothing options and souvenirs
  • Cafe Bar Carizma is a fantastic cafe in the middle of the village.
  • Just Grilling is a casual restaurant at the southern end of Chattel directly opposite the beach house, next to the car park.
  • Hair Braiding: There is a hair-braiding lady who usually sits under a shaded corner of the village.
  • Jewelry Stalls can be found along the main path into Chattel Village.
  • Havana Hut Cigars is at the back of the village, they sell Cuban cigars!
  • Life Is Sweet is the sister restaurant to Cafe Carizma, great for rolled ice cream.
  • Alleyne Estate Agents if you fancy buy a piece of Holetown real estate. 
Ganzee Gift Shop Storefront and Sign with the closed doors

Where to Park for Chattel Village?

Directly next to Chattel Village, opposite the Sandy Crest Medical Center, there is a large car park with plenty of spaces available. This car park is convenient for visitors to the village, as it allows for easy access right next to the shopping area. There is ample space so you should be able to find a spot. If for any reason its too buy you can find alternative parking for Chattel Village at Massy Supermarket. Massy Supermarket is on the opposite side of Chattel Village. They have a lot of parking spaces and you can combine your shopping trip with a visit to the supermarket.

Chattel Village Opening Times

Chattel Village is open from morning until late in the evening, though the hours of individual shops and eateries all vary. It’s generally best to visit during the daytime to experience the full range of shops. Dining locations within the village all stay open later – besides the ice cream shop!

What else is there to do nearby?

Chattel Village is not huge and will not take long to walk around, luckily there are more things to do in Holetown when you are done. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or just soaking up more local culture, there are several spots within easy walk to check out:

Holetown Monument: Just a short walk from Chattel Village, the Holetown Monument commemorates the first English landing in Barbados in 1625.

Folkestone Marine Park & Museum: For those who love the ocean and marine life, Folkestone Marine Park is a must-visit. Located just north of Holetown, this marine reserve offers snorkeling and diving opportunities where you can explore coral reefs and see a fascinating array of marine species.

St. James Parish Church: One of the oldest churches on the island, St. James Parish Church, is situated near Chattel Village. The church dates back to the early 17th century and features stunning Gothic architecture, beautiful stained glass, and a serene churchyard.

Check out Holetown Beach: A stroll over the road you will find yourself on Holetown Beach, one of the best beaches in Barbados.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre: Just a stone’s throw from Chattel Village, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre offers a high-end shopping experience with luxury boutiques, cinema, and gourmet dining options. It’s a big contrast to the traditional Chattel Village.

Palm trees and chattel houses

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