Holders Hill Market Barbados

Holders Hill Market is found next to a polo club in the parish of St. James. It’s not an easy place to get to via public transport so we recommend you get a taxi or rent a car and drive there. Holders Hill market is only on a Sunday morning, it runs from 9am to 2pm and it’s very popular with both locals and tourists!

Holders Hill Farmers Market Sign

The Story of Holders Hill Market

Holders Hill Market started several decades ago, it began as a modest gathering place for local farmers over the years, it has grown into a proper marketplace.

The origins of Holders Hill Market can be traced back to the mid-20th century, when it served as a crucial venue for local farmers to sell their fresh produce directly to the community. As Barbados’ tourism industry grew, the market evolved to include a wider variety of things for both locals and tourists.

Holders Hill Market Stalls

Where is Holders Hill Market

Holders Hill Market’s is next to the Polo Field in St. James, here is a link to the map location.

Getting There

If you’re taking a bus ask the bus driver to drop you off at the bottom of Holders Hill. This bus stop is located at the gas station, which is a few minutes’ walk south of Payne’s Bay. After getting off at the gas station, walk east (away from the west coast road) up Holders Hill. The walk can take up to 25 minutes on a hot day, so be warned if you can get there by car it’s a far easier option.

Whats Holders Hill Market Like

The scenery at Holders Hill Market is beautiful. The first thing that strikes you when you get there is how colorful the stalls are and how green the surroundings are. Its a lovely spot with trees and plants all around.

The first stall you see on your way in is a plant lady, we always buy our Periwinkles from her, we plant those around the pool of the villa. Usually the plants cost around $10 BDS (or you can also pay in USD), you can haggle with her she usually does a good deal! We can’t find Periwinkles in any of the large garden centres on Barbados, so Holders Hill is our go to for plants.

Once you get past the plant lady you will find a covered fruit and veg market, it’s full of brightly colored fruits and vegetables and a smoothie seller. He’s of German origin and along with smoothies he sells pickled sauerkraut! Vendor Interactions

Holders Hill Market Smoothie Vendor, products on the table and menu

One of the most charming aspects of Holders Hill Market is the friendly people running the stalls, they will let you try the fruit and veg before you buy and talk to you about the local fruit which may not be familiar to tourists.

After the fruit and veg stalls you will see a whole range of other stalls spread across the grounds of the market. You will find a mixture of products, some sell food and drink (the ham cutter stall is a personal favourite for breakfast!). There is also a cafe that sells snacks and coffee.

They have a lot of kids toys inside for the younger ones and there is an outdoor play area to the right of the market. Next to the polo field there is a big swing in a tree and some tyres for the kids to play on… we have found giant frogs in those tyres so WATCH OUT!

Also in the market you’ll find jewellery, candles, t-shirts, you name it they sell it! In May 2024 they even announced that fresh fish is now available at Holders Hill Market.

The Cafe at Holders Hill Market

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